Avoid this mistake, keep customers happy!

It’s often said that we learn from our mistakes but what if you could also learn from other people’s mistakes as well?

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”Really?… I was 2 minutes late!”

I was involved in a situation recently that certainly made me question my own actions and how I treat my clients.

I recently had an appointment for a check up at the dentist. I was a couple of minutes late and when I arrived I was informed that the next appointment had gone in before me, this was not a problem but did make me wonder how much time was actually allocated for my check up. When that patient left, instead of being called in, another patient was taken in, the nurse mentioned that my dentist would see me after this person. I guess the dentist felt that she was making a point. However having waited 25 minutes I told the receptionist that I was leaving.

I have been with this dentist for well over a decade and have seen the practice grow, moving to better premises, it now has all the latest equipment and pleasant surroundings. As a private patient, not being able to get a dentist on the NHS, I expect a certain level of service due to the price I have to pay. When you are paying a market rate you expect value for money.

However this practice seems to have forgotten that it provides a service. It has irritated me, for a while, that they do not offer appointments after 4 pm, don’t work on Fridays and are rarely open on a Saturday, so whenever I need an appointment I have to take time out of my working day, which is why being made to wait for so long was unacceptable.

If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will…

The demise of so many businesses starts when the owners disregard the reason why they set up in the first place and start to believe their own hype.

The reason for setting up Savvy Financial Planning was because Rachel and I felt that we could offer our clients a better, more personalised service. Our aim was for each client to know that they were important to us and that we were on hand not only to look after their investments through out their lifetime but also to know that we would reduce their paperwork, simplify their financial life, giving them peace of mind.

I’m very pleased that Savvy has never had a client complain and be disappointed with our service. However, let me reassure you that this does not make us complacent. We will continue to provide excellent service and are always looking for ways to improve what we do and how we do it and welcome feedback from clients.

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of being a Savvy client then give us a call.

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