What did you expect?

When the result of the referendum was announced in June 2016 I was disappointed that there was a majority to leave the European Union. As much as I didn’t fully understand the benefits of being part of the European Union, the ‘remain campaign’ never highlighted any, after all. I have always felt that it was better to be on the inside with the opportunity to have a say on future legislation rather than be on the outside with absolutely no input. As for the ‘leave campaign’ they had no idea of the implications but were happy to say exactly what some people wanted to hear ‘we’ll shut the borders and then we’ll save loads of money not being paid to the EU.’

I was also disappointed when David Cameron stood down as PM, although I said at the time that he knew how difficult the negotiations were going to be. Poor Theresa May, I wonder ‘knowing what she knows now’ whether she would have put herself forward for such a horrendous position?

What the UK needed was a group of adults to be a united force, for all politicians to discuss how to get the best deal and work together for the benefit of the UK regardless of their political persuasion. Instead there has been a very personal campaign against Theresa May. Is anyone really naïve enough to think that she has single handily decided what to ask for, we are a democracy not a dictatorship. She has a team, some of which should be embarrassed by their actions, as they have acted like churlish children who, when they couldn’t get their own way have ‘thrown their toys out of the pram’ and walked away, rather than doing their job. There must have been times when Theresa was almost frightened to open her mouth, but a true leader doesn’t back down when things get extra tough and she has, I’m sure behind closed doors, said the things that needed to be said.

Jeremy Corbyn should be ashamed of his behaviour, he has hit out at Theresa May at any opportunity but not because he is truly concerned about the way the talks have been going. No he is trying to use the situation for his own political gain, he seems to believe that if he undermines her sufficiently that the Tories will have a vote of no confidence and another general election will be called, which he hopes to win. The fact that the Tories are playing into his hands with their constant back stabbing and inability to be discreet when they are included in private discussions, he must be laughing at their ‘self-destruct’ antics.

For those that are now saying that the current potential deal is not the Brexit that they voted for – let’s get real, an idealist view of what you wanted was never going to happen. The UK has been part of the European club and the European Union has agreed future proposals based on everyone paying their agreed share. The UK was never going to be able to say ‘now we’re out the club, we’re not liable for anything we have already agreed to’.

As a comparison – if you were building a house and the building society had agreed to pay you in instalments as different parts of the property were completed. It would not be fair if the building society suddenly decided that they weren’t going to honour this arrangement after you had put the roof on, which meant you couldn’t pay the roofer, because they had decided to become a bank.

This is exactly the situation of the UK, we have already promised this money, we cannot just decide not to pay because we leave the club.

It is right that there will not be another referendum on leaving Europe, even though certain people are calling for one. However if there was one I believe that the result would be very different now that we have seen a truer picture of all it entails.

The UK voted to leave the EU and that is exactly what is going to happen. It would be marvellous if the squabbling stopped, the political parties came together and we faced the EU as a united front. I believe that Michel Barnier and the rest of the European leaders would, firstly hate it and secondly be more willing to broker a deal that was more acceptable – unfortunately I can’t see it happening.

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