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One of our company directors recently received a letter from Lloyds Bank informing her that their experienced financial advisers are now offering advice to customers and she could have a “conversation with no obligation”.

The letter went on… Under the heading – We’ll fit around you – “this offer is only available to customers with a minimum of £ 100,000 in savings, investments, and/or personal pensions, or a sole annual income of at least £100,000”. Well that rules out a large number of Lloyd’s customers and shows who they are targeting. However, even though they are only offering this to ‘the elite few’ it is apparently a conversation that is only available over the phone or via face-to-face video call. A face-to-face meeting with a real person at your local branch seems to be a step too far, even when you have more than £100k to invest?

Like many independent financial advising company we always offer a no charge initial meeting, face to face to discuss everything from your current financial situation, to your future goals.

We never charge our clients for face to face meetings whenever they want to discuss anything, our clients also know that they can call us up with questions and queries and they won’t get an invoice in the post for the time spent with them. Money is such an important subject that we never want to discourage clients from talking about it.

Buy with confidence

Whilst talking about assurance and being available, a few weeks ago a member of the public asked why we weren’t on the ‘Trusted Traders’ list? What a lot of people don’t realise is companies have pay to appear as a ‘trusted’ trader. We prefer sites that are free and actually rate you based on clients and the general public genuine feedback

We are proud of our 5* rating on the Buy With Confidence site. We don’t need to pay a website to tell people we are good at what we do! Check us out for yourself.


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