Cancer – what would you do?

It seems like cancer diagnosis is on the increase, or maybe it’s because the medical profession is getting better at diagnosing it. Either way being told that you have any type of cancer is frightening for you and your nearest and dearest.

Have you ever considered what you would do? Would you want to give up work and spend quality time with loved ones? Would you want to go travelling? What other plans might you bring forward if you were told you had the big ‘C’?

Having cancer is no longer the ‘death sentence’ that it used to be, but it is often still a life changing event. Having to travel to and from the hospital on a regular basis for treatment, not only the price of the fuel for your car but have you seen the cost of hospital parking recently? There is very likely to be a period of time when you cannot work, even if you want to, how would you cope with lower or no income?

The last thing you need at such an emotionally traumatic time is to be worrying about money.

Critical Illness cover could be the answer. A plan that will pay out a lump sum in the event of you being diagnosed with cancer and many other serious illnesses. A lump sum that you can spend how you wish, pay off the mortgage and leave the family debt free. Take the wonderful holiday that you’ve been thinking you’ll do one day. Give yourself a financial cushion to pay for hospital visits.

Critical Illness cover probably costs less than you would expect, here’s an example:






Obviously the actual cost of cover is based on your individual circumstances and an application would need to be underwritten to obtain a personalised quote.

Life cover is important for those that you leave behind, but Critical Illness cover could help you whilst you are going through treatment and make a world of financial difference.

Give Savvy a call today to discuss your protection needs and find out how little ‘peace of mind’ can actually cost 0845 6808910.

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