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divorce advice 

Divorce Advice

Divorce advice

The end of any relationship is an emotional time. A divorce, especially if children are involved can be especially hard.

At some point though, the finances need to be sorted out. These might include:

  • Arranging the financial settlement, which may include the splitting of pensions
  • Dealing with housing issues. For example, removing oneself from the existing mortgage, selling a house or buying a new one and arranging a new mortgage
  • Learning to cope with one income or the changes divorce brings, such as the payment of maintenance
  • Ensuring that your children are financially secure, if you or your former spouse were to die
  • Rewriting your will
  • Putting in place a plan to achieve your future financial goals, which will almost certainly need to be reappraised in light of your changed circumstances divorcees

How we can help

We start by understanding and lending a sympathetic ear.

Our experience in dealing with the financial effects of divorce, means we can lead you through what is bound to be a difficult period in your life, leaving you to cope with the emotional effects of the separation.

You can be assured of our understanding, empathy and confidentiality at this time too. Divorce Advice

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