England vs Colombia

World cup

As England gear up to face Colombia in the World Cup last 16 knock-out stage, we look at the financial comparisons between both countries.



England sit 3 places above Colombia in 12th on the FIFA World rankings, but how does the cost of living compare? 



Average house price in the Capital City 



Average life expectancy yrs

Men = 79.2   Women = 82.9 

Men = 74.7   Women = 78 

Minimum wage per hour



Average yearly salary 



Price to income ratio 



Retirement age 

Men = 65  Women = 63

Men = 62  Women = 57

Price of Petrol & Diesel per litre

£1.26  |  £1.32   

£0.61  |  £0.57

Price of milk per litre



Pack of 20 cigarettes 

£9.50 (Thanks to UK taxes)


The cost of living in Colombia is recorded to be 51.39% lower than in the UK.
(Statistics taken from https://www.numbeo.com)


On a side note, at least none of the England defenders will have to worry about being shot on the airport runway if they lose us the game with an own goal… (RIP Andres Escobar)

The Colombians have the advantage of retiring a few years earlier but the cost of their shopping is much dearer in percentage terms. England comes out on top with regards to life expectancy and overall earnings. Of course these statistics hold no influence over the actual football result but it’s an interesting opportunity to compare ourselves financially with a country half way across the world.


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