England vs Croatia

Semi Finals

World cup England

England have reached the semi finals of a World Cup for the first time in 28 years. 


They are now preparing for a momentous match in Moscow against Croatia. We take a look at the financial comparisons between both countries.


Croatia are ranked 20th on the FIFA World rankings, 7 places below England. But how does the cost of living compare? 



Property price per square meter in capital city



Average life expectancy yrs

Men = 79.2   Women = 82.9 

Men = 74.7   Women = 81.2 

Minimum wage per hour



Average yearly salary (approx)



Price to income ratio 



Retirement age yrs

Men = 65  Women = 63

Men = 65  Women = 62

Price of Petrol & Diesel per litre

£1.28  |  £1.31  

£1.25  |  £1.18

Price of milk per litre



Pack of 20 cigarettes 

£9.50 (Thank you UK taxes)


The cost of living in Croatia is recorded to be 25.86% lower than in the UK. 

(Statistics taken from https://www.numbeo.com)



There is a large difference between the two countries earnings and house prices. With earnings much lower it’s no surprise the price of goods are cheaper in Croatia, especially cigarettes. While retirement age is the same, men can expect to live an extra 4+ years in England. 




Of course these statistics hold no influence over the actual football result but it’s an interesting opportunity to compare ourselves financially with another European country just 1,150 miles away.





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