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Estate Planning

Estate planning advice

One of the certainties of life is that one day we will die, however, whilst there are numerous calculators that can give us an expectation of longevity, these are based on averages. If we knew the date we would die it would be so much easier to plan what to spend and how to leave any remaining assets to our beneficiaries!

Alas, this detail is not yet available so planning to pass on the wealth you have accumulated is vital if you want to minimise the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

How we can help

We will help you to work out the value of your estate and discuss what you want to leave to the next generation.

We will work with you to set up the best way to pass your assets on to your beneficiaries, there may be somethings that you want to do during your lifetime and others that will wait till post death.

We have the knowledge and experience whether you want to pay into a pension for your children and grandchildren whilst you are alive, put a lump sum into a Trust that sits outside your estate that you don’t need access to or like the idea of moving money that could be outside your estate but you can still access if your circumstances change, we can guide you through all the options.

When you let us do our job you can relax, enjoy life with the peace of mind that you the rewards for your hard work will pass to the right people at the right time rather than a large proportion being lost in tax.

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