Have you heard about NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS 2Whenever I see someone new to discuss about paying for care, it amazes and saddens me that when I ask whether the  individual who needs care has had an assessment for NHS Continuing Care, they often look back at me blankly because they have never even heard about it let alone been through the first stage or full assessment.

NHS continuing healthcare is a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals, not in hospital, who have ongoing health care needs. NHS continuing healthcare can be received in any setting, including your own home or in a care home.

There is a two stage process, initially a Checklist Tool and secondly a Full Assessment:

The Checklist Tool is used to decide whether an individual should be referred for a Full Assessment. It helps health and social care professionals to work out whether the care needs may be of a level or type that indicate eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare. The Checklist Tool is usually completed by a nurse, doctor, other qualified healthcare professional or social worker. If the person qualifies they will be referred for a Full Assessment for NHS continuing healthcare.

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The Full Assessment will be carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of a minimum of two different health or care professionals who are already involved in the care, to build an overall picture of needs. In some cases, more detailed specialist assessments may be required from these professionals. The information from this assessment will be used to complete the Decision Support Tool.

If someone qualifies for NHS Continuing Healthcare, the NHS must cover ALL their needs, whether they are social care needs or healthcare needs. It’s the whole package.

Unfortunately, it appears that people are not being made aware of this important part of assessing someone’s needs. My experience is that once someone is identified as needing care and it appears that they have money, the assessment is bypassed and a means test is carried out (this is actually illegal).

My advice is: if you or a relative needs care, make sure that you ask about NHS Continuing Healthcare as it could save thousands of pounds.

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