Not all bad news for the Ladies

General Election ladiesWhilst the result of the general election may not have been what our prime minster Theresa May wanted, it is not all bad news for the ladies.

A record number of female MPs have been elected. There will be 207 women in this Parliament, outnumbering the 196 women elected in 2015.

About 30% of candidates were women this year – up from the previous record of 26% in 2015.

Ruth Davidson the Scottish Conservative leader achieved one of the biggest success stories of recent UK political history. The Conservatives won 13 seats in Scotland – the party’s best performance in Scotland since 1983

New Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill retained the party’s seat of Birmingham Edgbaston, becoming the UK’s first female Sikh MP. The 44-year-old, who got a majority of 6,917, said her passion for politics was inspired by her late father and his close friend Lord King, who became the first Sikh peer in the UK.

The seat of Birmingham Edgbaston has been continuously represented by women from both main parties since 1953.

Arlene Foster the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader also had a great night, her party winning 10 seats. The DUP could play a key part in assisting Theresa May and the Conservative party, a role that Ms Foster must be ecstatic about as it will allow her to influence the EU negotiations.

Well done ladies, the more representation women have in politics the more likely that imbalances between equal rights, pay and women in the boardroom will be discussed and hopefully improved.

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