I’m just starting out… I don’t have a plan for the future

I don't have a plan for my pensionFrom your first day at work, it makes sense to put something away for the time when you retire. And changes are coming to make it easier to save while you are in work.

Tip 1: It’s never too early to get the saving habit. Even if it’s only a small amount, the money you put away early in life can build up a tidy sum over time. And the sooner you start, the more you are likely to get.

Tip 2: If you are employed full time your employer will automatically enrol you into their Workplace Pension scheme. Money will be paid into this before you receive your regular salary (so you won’t miss it) and your employer will be paying into it too as well as the government topping it up with tax relief.

Why you need to plan

Saving for your retirement may not seem important when you’re starting out. But the sooner you start saving for your retirement the more secure your future will be. The state will help but you will need to make your own plans to make sure you are comfortable when you retire in the future.

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