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Reviewing your investment portfolio is essential if you want your money to work as hard as possible for you.

If you buy a car you know it is sensible to have a regular service, ensuring that it is properly maintained, the aim being to avoid it breaking down and you having to pay nasty repair bills. It is the same with your investments.

It is a service that carries a cost but it is well worth the price. Evidence shows that even in the toughest of global financial markets, consistent management and regular reviews pays for itself as there are always gains to be made somewhere.

How we can help

When you first invest your money the adviser will have spent much time researching which funds to use to provide you with a portfolio that is appropriate to your attitude to risk. Over time some of those funds may fall out of favour which may be for numerous reasons: the fund manager may change, the fund may alter its investment strategy or the geographical sector may stop performing. Also over time your own attitude to investment risk may alter and the original appropriate portfolio may no longer be suitable.

Our wealth management service will:

  • Maintain the correct level of risk of your portfolio
  • Ensure you have a well diversified portfolio
  • This results in additional performance which outweigh the cost
  • Allow the portfolio to change as your requirements change
  • Ensure that your investments remain at the top of their game

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