What your Pancakes say about you?

If you chose:

Financial Advice

Sugar and Lemon – you are traditional and can be considered to have a Cautious attitude to risk. You are more comfortable with cash and fixed interest investments but are open to stockmarket assets to provide the potential to generate the amount of return you need to achieve your goals

Maple Syrup – you are happy to try something different and could be considered to have a Realistic attitude to risk. You want to benefit from the long term potential offered by investing in equities, realising that values may fluctuate, but want a level of security by having a stake in cash and fixed interest investments.

Chocolate – you like to try new things so could be considered to have an Adventurous attitude to risk. You want to maximise long term returns and are not concerned by short term risk, but still wish your short term financial security to be provided by lower risk investments.

Ice Cream – you don’t follow the crowd, are happy to set new trends and can be considered to have a Speculative attitude to risk. You would like some investment in higher risk investments which carry the risk of potential loss of capital. However, you would like an element of lower risk to give some security.

This is a ‘just for fun’ exercise and should not be considered a final determination of your individual attitude to risk. If you would like to know more about defining your attitude to risk please contact Savvy.

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