About Savvy

Savvy Financial Planning are independent financial advisers with a difference, we provide independent advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market and provide unbiased and unrestricted advice.

We understand that customer service is very important. You want to deal with an organisation that really knows you, your financial situation and your aspirations for the future. That will treat you as an individual when designing a plan for you to achieve your goals. We realise that your requirements can change over time, so any plans are reappraised regularly and realigned with any alterations to your circumstances.

We are committed to delivering first class customer service, which is why we limit the number of clients that an adviser looks after. This ensures that if you have a query or concern that we are able to respond quickly. Our aim is to develop long term relationships, which is why we have looked after many of our clients for years, dealing with their children and their children’s children.

Zanne St John Marchmont

Rachel Elson

I started in the financial services industry in 1991.  I have worked for several financial services companies and a couple of Bristol-based accountants before setting up Savvy Financial Planning with Rachel in 2009.

I love dealing with clients, finding out their financial goals and solving their financial problems by putting together an appropriate financial plan. Then maintaining the client relationship over the following years. I still look after clients that have trusted me for more than two decades; they have become friends.

I am married with two grown-up children. In my down time I enjoy walking with my Jack Russell’s and generally keeping fit. At the weekends I can often be found doing up property and particularly enjoy decorating but it’s not unusual to see me wielding a sledgehammer!  I like the occasional game of golf but don’t profess to being good at it; I enjoy watching most sports from the comfort of my sofa.

I learned to ride a motorbike in 1999, ski in 2007.  These, and throwing myself out of a plane, manage to satisfy the ‘adrenaline junkie’ side of my character.

I started as an administrator for small local independent financial adviser in 1996.  It was not long before I was running the office and taking my financial adviser examinations. Just a few years later I became operations manager at a much larger firm, overseeing several members of staff and being responsible for the day-to-day running of the offices.

Although a successful adviser in my own right I quickly realised that I preferred having a more supervisory role and enjoyed overseeing the business management of a regulated environment.

Mother of two grown-up daughters I am a bit of a film buff and also enjoy curling up on the sofa with my Rhodesian Ridgeback watching American cop dramas. Becoming a grandmother seemed to go hand-in-hand with the need to improve my fitness and I am often found in my gym trying out various keep fit regimes. I enjoy eating out and describe myself as a bit of a ‘burger boffin’.  I enjoy socialising and have an eclectic taste in live bands and when I’m not too exhausted I enjoy a good book.

How we work

Our business model is such that we will agree with you the costs and charges prior to any work being undertaken, this may be a set fee for a report or a time costed rate for a one off technical issue.

We feel it is important that you have total confidence in our impartiality, which is why we make one standard charge regardless of the product recommended. You will know the services that we provide and how much you are paying for them.

A key part of our service is the management of investment portfolios. Without regular reviews you could find yourself invested in funds that are no longer offering you the best growth potential or income.

The portfolio management service ensures that your investments stay on track both in terms of fund performance as well as remaining appropriate to your attitude to risk. We also ensure that you make the most of your annual allowances, assist with tax planning, so that the portfolio is as tax efficient as possible.

To enable us to provide you with better service we use the SavvyWrap a web-based service that enables us to manage your entire portfolio from one web page, regardless of where your investments are held. (see our SavvyWrap page for more details)

Savvy Financial Planning, Hinton Business Park, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8JF